Jose Guevarra, Guam

Before hiring the services of Atty Goodman, I scouted for other legal services to handle my case. After getting satisfactory legal opinion from Atty Goodman, I decided to hire him to represent me. I am happy to say that I didn’t make the mistake of selecting Atty Goodman, because the case was handled extremely well.
-Jose Guevarra, Guam

Ryann Gomes, Honolulu

Deciding to seek counsel for my debt problems was a hard decision for me to come to terms with, and I did feel a certain degree of shame because I was not able to “handle” my debt on my own. The moment I stepped into Blake Goodman’s office I was immediately put at ease by all of the friendly staff, as well as Mr. Goodman himself. Mr. Goodman explained everything to me in down-to-earth, layman’s terms and completely put me at ease with regards to the decision I was making.
-Ryann Gomes, Honolulu

Phyllis Aki, Honolulu

The professionalism shown by Mr. Goodman and staff from my initial screening to the closing of my case impressed me. This process was frightening, but Blake and staff put me at ease. During my filing, problems arose with some creditors and Blake and staff were always available and assisted me during troubled times. I was able to gain my life back, self esteem and credit.

Robert Lawless, Honolulu

I thought bankruptcy was going to be complicated and difficult, for some reason many people do. Mr. Goodman made the process easy, effortless, and seamless. I would highly recommend his service to other Kama’aina here in Honolulu. Mr. Goodman knows his stuff and how to take care of his clients.