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Debt Settlement

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Hawaii Debt Settlement Attorneys

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At Blake Goodman, PC, Attorney, we care deeply about the clients we serve, which is why we proudly offer comprehensive debt settlement services to help individuals avoid bankruptcy and become debt-free!

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are not the only options for our clients. When you turn to our firm for our debt negotiation and settlement services, our staff will take the time to review all your options so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

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Consumer Credit Counseling vs Debt Settlement Plans

The debt negotiation services we provide at Blake Goodman, PC, Attorney is not the same as Consumer Credit Counseling. With Credit Counseling, you pay all your creditors back in full with an adjusted interest rate over 5 to 7 years. We perform true Debt Settlement Plans, eliminating 40 to 60% of the amount you owe.

Many of our clients come to us after spending up to two years with a consumer credit counseling program. Usually, they find that they are no closer to being debt-free than when they started. Their accounts are marked as seriously delinquent, and not all of the creditors agree to the management plan. In fact, some of them file lawsuits to collect what they are owed. In many cases, consumer credit counseling programs generally increase your monthly payments until there is virtually no benefit from the program.

Our Debt Negotiation Program reduces your unsecured debt burden through direct negotiation with your creditors. With our program, your creditors are contacted about your financial set-backs and offered a settlement deal in order to satisfy the balance of your debts. If you qualify for the program, you can obtain significant settlements in interest and principal. You won't need to file bankruptcy and you’ll still eliminate a vast portion of your debts in 30 months or less.

Benefits of Debt Settlement

  • While you’re working to pay your debts, collection agencies and their attorneys are forced to deal with your lawyer instead of you.
  • After a financial analysis of your situation, one monthly payment will be arranged for you in order to pay off your creditors
  • Most credit card debt accounts settle in a range of 30 to 50%

Don’t Hesitate, Take Control of Your Credit Card Debt Today!

If you don’t do something with your credit cards, the repayment burden can outlast even you. If you take any credit card balance and just pay the minimum payment (usually 2%) and use an 18% interest rate, the repayment would last 24 years. That is correct, and that is without the penalties and extra interest charges assessed when you’re late.

More than 80% of the national workforce is dependent on two incomes due in large part to personal debt. However, creditors typically agree to debt settlement arrangements where they feel a settlement of the debt will be in their best interest. In most cases, they come to this conclusion because the person requesting the debt negotiation appears to be a legitimate candidate for bankruptcy. Knowing that in most bankruptcy cases they would receive nothing, they opt to take a discounted settlement on the debt rather than receive zero dollars in bankruptcy.

Call today or fill out our online questionnaire to set up a confidential analysis of your situation. We are ready to determine whether this powerful debt management tool could produce real financial and emotional benefits for you.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Settle My Debt?

While it is certainly possible for someone to negotiate or settle their own debts, we do not recommend it. Creditors take the situation much more seriously when a Hawaii bankruptcy lawyer contacts them on behalf of a client. Most individuals also don't know how to negotiate a debt settlement or what a proper debt settlement would be. The debt settlement professionals at our firm know how to deal with individual creditors and understand the nuances of filling out financial forms. Our debt negotiation lawyers also know what to say, what not to say, what to ask for, and who to talk to.

Credit card settlements are best done according to the creditor’s standard operating procedures and formats. In our experience, most people have no idea how to go about following such debt solution procedures. It is disturbingly common for debt collectors to try to pull industry tricks or potentially commit fraud in order to get you to pay off the debt in full. Some of these things might include getting you to reveal information about yourself that you have no obligation to reveal. In some cases, they might even ask you to send money for a “full settlement” only to find they have lied and simply taken the money on account.

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We offer all our prospective clients different options to consider, including but not limited to bankruptcy. We also believe in complete financial rehabilitation, including a recovered credit score. That is why one of the free services we offer to clients in Hawaii is our 720 Credit Rebuild Program. Utilizing our 720 Program will guide you through the mechanics of returning to a 720 + credit rating within as little as 12 to 24 months after we’ve filed bankruptcy for you or completed a debt negotiation plan.

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