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Debt Settlement

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At Blake Goodman, PC, Attorney, our main purpose is to help people on Maui avoid bankruptcy and become debt-free. Besides Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our reputable law firm also provides comprehensive debt settlement and debt negotiation services when bankruptcy is not a good fit for our clients. We are one of the few Maui Law firms offering debt settlement services, and we have a stellar reputation and years of success helping our clients reduce, negotiate, and ultimately settle their burdensome debts.

Why Do I Need a Debt Settlement Lawyer?

The dedicated legal team at the Blake Goodman, PC, Attorney in Maui can help minimize your credit card debt, bank loans, medical bills, repossessed car debts, and more. When you choose our skilled attorneys to represent you, we will speak with creditors on your behalf and negotiate to reduce interest, penalties, and even the principal balance.

Additionally, your creditors will be asked and forced to communicate with your debt settlement attorneys instead of you. When working on paying your debts back via our Debt Negotiation program, collection agencies must communicate with your debt settlement attorneys on your behalf. So, you can have great peace of mind, and get relief from the stress of dealing with creditors.

Do I Have to File for Bankruptcy?

You do not have to let bankruptcy be your only option. We can work with you so your debts feel like less of a burden. Our history with clients is proof that we know what we are doing and can help pull them out of debt. Bankruptcy should be a last resort option to get you out of debt that is so deep you cannot possibly recover without it. If we feel that you need bankruptcy, then we may be able to help you through that process, but we would like to see if there is a way to settle your debts before we fall back on that option.

Debt Settlement & Negotiation vs Consumer Credit Counseling

Our debt settlement or negotiation services are not the same as Consumer Credit Counseling, whereby you pay your creditors back in full with an adjusted interest rate over five to seven years. Our legal team executes genuine debt negotiation plans, abolishing 40% to 60% of the money you owe.

Generally, if you are eligible for our Debt Settlement program, you are likely to get remarkable settlements in principal and interest. Moreover, you do not file bankruptcy and still eradicate a great part of your debts within 30, or even fewer months.

FAQ: Debt Settlement

Question #1: Are There Certain Actions Collections Agencies Can’t Take?

A: Collection agents cannot communicate with debtors after 9:00 pm or before 8:00 am. Debt collectors cannot contact debtors at inconvenient places or times. If you are receiving calls during times that are considered “unusual,” then they are breaking the laws set by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and can be heavily fined for doing so. Debt collectors also cannot come to your place of work to try and collect a debt from you.

Question #2: Can Collections Agencies Speak to Third-Parties?

A: The collection agency can communicate with third-parties to find the debtor, but they cannot discuss the reason they are calling or discuss the debtor’s delinquencies. Moreover, collection agencies cannot interact with third-parties through correspondence using symbols or words that deceive their collection purpose.

Question #3: How Can I Stop Abuse from Collections Agencies?

A: Collection agents cannot abuse or harass debtors at all. They cannot use violence or threaten debtors and are not allowed to use profane language. Plus, they cannot publish the name of the debtor on a “blacklist”. In fact, collection agents cannot interact with debtors directly if an attorney represents that debtor or the debtor provided permissions to do.

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