Testimonials About Our Hawaii Bankruptcy Law Firm

Hawaii bankruptcy attorney Blake Goodman and his legal staff are dedicated to helping Hawaiians struggling with debt get their financial lives back on track. Whether you are struggling with unemployment, tax debt, harassing creditors or you are facing foreclosure of your home, know that you do have options. There is help available; all you have to do is contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Our office is one of the largest bankruptcy filers in the entire state of Hawaii, and we offer reasonable fees and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.

Read more about what our past clients have said about our Hawaii bankruptcy lawyer:

“I was very pleased with the outstanding service you provided. You and your staff consistently made extra efforts in assisting me with my bankruptcy case. I will definitely recommend your business to others because of my satisfaction with your service.”

Phetsamone Vuong – Honolulu, HI

“Mr. Goodman and his staff were great and worked with me every step of the way.”

Randi Brown – Honolulu, HI

“Blake Goodman provided professional and outstanding legal advice. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and very thorough. I would recommend his firm with complete confidence knowing that they will receive the best possible service.”

Moune Romano – Honolulu, HI

“From the start, you were so friendly and so willing to make things as easy for me as possible. You were so generous and I thank you so much.”

Lela O’Bryan – Honolulu, HI

“We want to thank Mr. Goodman and his staff for all the hard work and effort in helping us with our bankruptcy in a timely manner. We have tried in the past, but with no success until we met Mr. Goodman. Thanks again for your help.”

Renee Ortiz – Aiea, HI

“We are so grateful for Mr. Goodman and his staff for the help and support in our difficult time of hardship and being deeply in debt. Bankruptcy was the last thing on our minds. We tried every option, including debt management and debt reduction to no avail. Now we can finally breathe.”

Louis Pakele, Jr. – Waianae, HI

“Mr. Goodman and his staff made very difficult decisions easier to make and live with. While our actions that led to our situation in the end were not excusable, we were made to feel better about the solution and our new path.”


“Relief from my IRS burden was a huge weight off my life. I struggled for 10 years with it. I just couldn’t pay the enormous amounts they demanded. I have peace and joy back in my life because this burden has been removed. Thank you, Blake, for your role in it.”

Lester Luahiwa – Eugene, OR

“We were very pleased with your services because everyone was very patient and took their time to make sure that we understood our options, and made sure we went with the best one for us.”

George and Carolyn Palpallatoc – Pearl City, HI

“From the first appointment to the court meeting I was very pleased. They treated me with respect and honor in light of my situation. I was nervous in the beginning, but it was short-lived. They made you feel like family. There was always good communication.”

Keith Asakawa – Honolulu, HI

“I am so very glad to have had Blake Goodman handle our case. Everyone there made my wife and I feel relieved of all the stress and all the worry that comes with a bankruptcy case. Blake and his staff of experts literally took us by the hand every step of the way until we overcame our hardship. There are no words that can express our gratitude.”

Kyle M. Ida – Honolulu, HI

“Mr. Goodman was very straightforward, did everything as promised. No problem whatsoever. A job well done and done quickly.”

Budi and Mary Krismunando – Honolulu, HI

“In my time of hardship, I came across a man who was professional and did his job well. Mr. Goodman and his staff cared about my situation; they made me feel comfortable and safe. I’d like to thank Mr. Goodman and staff for giving me a fresh start. Awesome job, well done.”

Melissa Espe – Wahiawa, HI

“You and your staff were very friendly and helpful. I trust your firm a 100%. Keep up the good work!”

Jose Lledo – Hilo, HI

“Your services are second to none. Keep up the excellent service. Thank you very, very much.”


“The services provided to me and my wife were very good. Thanks.”


“As quoted in your advertisement, “Sometimes bad things happen to good people.” We were caught up in a bad economy and needed help. Blake Goodman and his professional staff cared for us from start to completion. We hope to never be in this situation again, but if we ever are, we would not hesitate to call Blake again.”

Tony O’Brien – Kapolei, HI

“Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the top-notch legal services you recently gave us with our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case.”

“Thank you so very much for the peace of mind we now have and for the light at the end of the tunnel after a 5 –year plan was worked out with the court. Our debts were extremely out of control and we were prepared to lose our home and suffer for the rest of supposedly “golden mid-life years” struggling and working an additional 30+ more years to get out of debt. If the situation continued, I truly believe I would have had a breakdown or committed suicide—I felt so very helpless and burdened.”

“We never considered bankruptcy as an option because we were not very informed of the laws and also because we felt too ashamed. However, we reached the breaking point and were very impressed with your newspaper ad listing codes regarding bankruptcy, which was more informative than other ads we read. Mr. Goodman, you have given us a new life without pressure and we thank our Heavenly Father for you.”

W. and D. DeBarry – Waipahu

“I have only great things to say about how Blake Goodman handled my bankruptcy. From my first visit, I never had to worry about my creditors again because he talked to them all for me from that day forward. The court day was easier and faster than I could have imagined. The whole process was swift and stress-free. Blake Goodman and his staff were there for me every step of the way, answering each of my questions with patience and graciousness. I would recommend Blake Goodman highly. Bankruptcy was much easier than I thought.”

Holly – Kailua

“Do you want freedom from your financial problems? Please call Blake Goodman!”

“Like so many others, we found ourselves drowning in outstanding bills. It took one visit to Blake to completely turn our lives around. He quickly, professionally, and with care, gave us avenues to take to solve our dilemma. We shall forever be thankful to Blake and his staff.”

Ralph and Marion Kahoopii – Kaneohe

“Mr. Blake Goodman has done a wonderful job representing us.”

“He was there for us when we needed his services. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs it. He is a great and affordable attorney. You can count on Mr. Goodman to get the job done. We would like to thank Mr. Goodman for a job well done. Thank you.”

G & L – Honolulu

“At this time, I’d like to thank you for all the professional help that you have given me when I needed it. “

“You have given me a new life and have opened up my eyes more to life. The help that you have given me made me more financially responsible. I’d like to thank you again and if anyone needs professional help, I’d like to refer them to the person and his staff to help them.”

Dewey O. Kauka – Honolulu

“Bankruptcy was the answer for my situation.”

“I was not feeling so terrific about myself – a single parent who had the opportunity to build my own home, and coming free of domestic violence. Blake, Zy, and Dellita had me believing in myself again.”

Gloria Riveira – Ewa Beach

“I really appreciate Mr. Goodman’s help and would like to recommend him to any people who need help.”

“I guarantee he will take good care of your case and never make you feel ashamed about your critical financial situation.”

Larry Huang – Honolulu

“We first met Blake Goodman in 1998 when we needed to file for bankruptcy after years of financial hardship. Like anyone who has found themselves in this situation, it’s an incredibly difficult and trying time and you cannot help experience feelings of embarrassment and failure. So, walking into an attorney’s office to share your financial ‘mess’ with someone you’ve never met, we had imagined to be simply degrading. From the moment that we entered Blake’s office his friendly staff greeted us, and the embarrassment of the situation seemed to melt away. Our dealings with Blake have always been a wonderful combination of sincerity, professionalism and honesty. He has always made every attempt to cover all issues and potential outcomes, so there are no surprises. I think in particular what has impressed me is his ability to listen to all questions and concerns, and he takes the time to address those concerns so that we understand. We have always been given a clear overview of what lay ahead, good and bad, and we have always felt full confidence in his abilities and advice. I wish I could say that our financial difficulties were over, but we have encountered other hurdles in recent years that have required Blake’s expertise. It hasn’t been easy; however, I feel that when you have people like Blake and his staff working on your behalf, you are not only getting excellent legal counsel, but good-hearted individuals on your side. And that’s important.”

Valerie and Francis Borges – Honolulu

“Before going to see Mr. Goodman and his wonderful staff, I felt like I was a lost cause. Mr. Goodman was very informative and I felt very comfortable talking with him. The office staff is very helpful and professional. When I called them with a question, they got me an answer. My hat’s off to Mr. Goodman and his staff.”

R.K. – Honolulu

“Blake Goodman and his staff are very easy to talk to and very understanding. They are there for you 110%. Before meeting with Blake Goodman, I wasn’t sure how I was going to fix this mess I had gotten myself as well as my husband into. With the help of Mr. Goodman and his staff our marriage was saved and we have a second chance at a brighter future.”

Kristine Savaii – Kailua

“Before meeting with your law firm and doing business with you, I was very troubled.  I went to other credit services and was not satisfied. Thank you for your much needed help.”

Rodney Magsayo – Waipahu

“Mr. Goodman and his staff made us feel really comfortable. They explained our case and what had to be done. We knew right off the bat that we were in the right place and the right hands. There is no better law corporation than Blake Goodman’s.”

Harry and Susan Miller – Ewa

“My personal problems became too overwhelming for me to handle myself….with the help from Mr. Goodman and his staff, I can now have peace of mind once again and not worry that someone is going to take my home from me.”

Mamerto Baliquat, Sr. – Ewa Beach

“I would highly recommend Mr. Goodman and his skilled staff. Mr. Goodman and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable during this difficult period. They expedited my paperwork and handled any and all communications with my creditors.”

Stuart – Honolulu

“You were very professional, polite and caring. Better than I hoped for. I would send anyone that needed your services to you.”

William Dickie – Kahuku

“What I appreciated the most about the services I received from Blake Goodman was that I never felt judged or questioned about my personal situation and what let to my seeking his services. I felt supported and that I was treated in a very professional manner. My ‘fresh start’ has been the best decision I could have made. Mahalo.”

Dawn Collins – Waialua

“The people that work there were so nice and helpful. After speaking to them about my situation I felt better about the situation. I would refer them to any of my friends if they were in the same situation. I would like to thank Blake Goodman and his staff for their help and support.”

Anonymous – Honolulu

“Mr. Goodman is an easy person to work with. Both my husband and I felt very comfortable. They were very understanding when it came to make monthly payments and were willing to consider our situation. Mr. Goodman is a fast worker and he get the job done right away.”

Anonymous – Honolulu

“I was so scared; I didn’t know what to do. Mr. Goodman and staff helped me every step of the way. I was helped every step of the way. When I called and asked questions your staff helped me to understand what I didn’t know. Thank you for letting me sleep better. Mahalo.”

Geraldine Palaby – Honolulu

“I was very worried when I first came to Blake Goodman. After I met him and his very professional staff I felt at ease and felt that everything would work out well for me and it did. Thank you all for everything. “

Anonymous – Honolulu

“I came to Mr. Goodman after talking to his nice staff over the phone. He took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions. I called without hesitation and was given the help I needed in a quick and in a truly professional way. Everything went smoothly and I always felt confident with Mr. Goodman’s expertise.”

Anonymous – Kaneohe

“We were very pleased with the quick and effective results achieved from Mr. Goodman and his staff. Their courtesy and professionalism in this sensitive matter were greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend this office to anyone!”

Deborah Jolusu – Honolulu

“Mr. Goodman and his staff were very helpful and made us feel comfortable and didn’t look down on us for the decisions we had made. We were very thankful to have been represented by Mr. Goodman and his staff.”

Anonymous – Ewa Beach

“My husband and I were very pleased with Mr. Goodman and his staff. They worked with us in a good manner and made it easy for me to call and ask a lot of questions. We would like to thank you all the staff very much for helping us. We appreciate you taking our case and helping us to start over again the smart way.”

Molly Damas – Waianae, HI

“I hope that I never have to go through bankruptcy again. However, I highly recommend and would not hesitate to refer his services to anyone who finds themselves in financial dire straits. Enlisting his services took a big burden off of my shoulders. Mr. Goodman is an excellent bankruptcy attorney. His hard work, diligence, meticulous attention to detail and dedication to his practice reflect great credit upon himself, his practice, his staff and the law profession in the State of Hawaii.”

Ben Pascua – Aiea, HI

“When I finally decided that bankruptcy was my only out, I saw an ad in Mid-Week and called to make an appointment. Mr. Goodman explained everything to my satisfaction and put me at ease. Your professionalism and that of your office staff was absolutely great. I feel like I’ve had new lease on life and for that I will always be grateful.”

Anon. – Kaawa, HI

“I’m very grateful to Mr. Goodman for the effort and patience he had with me and my daughter. I appreciate it. As for his staff members, they are very kind. My grand-daughter reports to me that Mr. Blake Goodman is a very highly honored attorney.”

Martha Aki, – Waipahu, HI

“I am very pleased with your services and would wholly recommend your excellence to everyone. I am happy with the outcome of my case. Everything is possible with you. Thanks on a job well done!”

Randy Borges – Ewa Beach, HI

“When I first came to Mr. Goodman’s office, I was prepared to file bankruptcy – I was tens of thousands of dollars in debt and could see no way out. He helped me work out a payment plan then negotiated with my creditors on my behalf. Before meeting Mr. Goodman, debt collectors were calling several times an hour, to the point I no longer answered my phone. Almost instantly after becoming a client, the harassment stopped. I was shocked to find my creditors willing to accept as little as 18% of the balance as full payment. Less than 2 years later, I am debt free. To be honest, I never held a favorable opinion of lawyers, but Mr. Goodman and his staff are so nice and personable, it changed my opinion. I never felt like a number to them – they always knew who I was right away and remembered personal things that made the whole process more like calling a friend than something intimidating.”

Steve, – Honolulu, HI

“Mr. Goodman and his staff handled our case very professionally. I was surprised how easy everything was throughout the whole 3 years the case was in progress. I would like to thank Mr. Goodman and his staff for treating me and my family with respect.”

Gary Rivers – Pearl City, HI

“We were very pleased with the quick and effective results achieved by Mr. Goodman and his staff. Their courtesy and professionalism in this sensitive matter were greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend this office to anyone!”

Deborah Johnson – Arizona

“What I was most pleased with was the efficiency, how quickly things got moving and how easy everyone made it seem. Before deciding to file for bankruptcy I was nervous and scared but Mr. Goodman and his staff made me feel calm and OK. That is great. I am glad that I chose this office. Everyone was great.”

Jane Gonzaga – Waipahu, HI