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How to File for Bankruptcy in Maui

Filing for bankruptcy is not easy to do alone, whether you have financial problems with your personal or professional life. Finding the right industry attorneys in Hawaii will provide you with all the solutions available and allow the process to become as hassle-free as possible. This is all you need prior to entering Hawaii Bankruptcy Court before consulting a...

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Celebrity Bankruptcy

A Hawaii bankruptcy is a financial tool that thousands of ordinary people and families used to resolve their debt burdens. It is easy to think that financial struggles only affect the average person on the street. However, even millionaire entertainers use debt settlement solutions to save their finances. It is entirely possible to have millions in the bank and owe millions...

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What Exactly Is A Bankruptcy Exemption?

Bankruptcy for everyone is a strange concept. When the entity or company is unable to pay unpaid obligations, it is a judicial decision that requires the judge to seize away money. Consequently, the first question most people have about bankruptcy is: Can I apply for bankruptcy and retain my home or car? The response to the question relies on...

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Planning for Retirement in Hawaii

Five Steps To Have a Great Retirement in Hawaii Earn More to Save More Retirement strategy is often based on the “spend less, earn more” concept, but when retirement seems remote, this guidance often falls short. The Earn Process reviews the importance of increasing the earning ability of a person. For people who are only now starting out on...

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Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Settlement

Debt Personal User Personal interest rates for consumers are very low right now. This provides an incentive for all of us, in an attempt to achieve a cheaper interest rate and lower total charge, to take advantage of refinancing our personal loan debt. The phrases debt restructuring and debt consolidation used interchangeably are common to hear, but they are...

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Can I Get a Credit Card After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

How Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit? Bankruptcy filings have a significant detrimental impact on the credit and one that will last for years. That’s how your creditors are never going to collect all the money you owe them, and they’re not going to receive any. To put it plainly, having a bankruptcy on your financial history makes it even more...

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Hawaii Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains Wage Garnishment and Bankruptcy

If one of your creditors has a judgment against you (which means the creditor sued you for nonpayment of debt and won), it can garnish your wages. With a wage garnishment (sometimes called a wage attachment), your employer holds back some of your wages and gives them directly to the creditor. Some creditors (like the IRS and AAFEES) get...

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What Is the Right Amount of Debt to Have? Observations From a Hawaii Bankruptcy Attorney

The answer is none. Well, I’ll back up and say your reasonable house mortgage makes sense, only because a housing cost is something you will be incurring anyways throughout your life, and you might as well be purchasing an appreciating piece of real property along the way. Other than that, I believe you should never have a car debt,...

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Will Bankruptcy Affect My Security Clearance?

Generally, filing for bankruptcy in Hawaii will not be an automatic bar to obtaining a security clearance. Additionally, being financially irresponsible and dragging around bad credit can jeopardize an existing security clearance. So whether your Bankruptcy 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has an impact on your clearance usually depends on the circumstances that led you to file for...

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Chapter 7 and Military Personnel

We help many military service members in Hawaii and are familiar with their particular income, expense, and debt challenges. There are two favorable treatments that the law provides to service members in allowing them a free pass from being subjected to the famous “means test” that determines a presumption of abuse in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Congress parceled out...

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