“2 Years to 720 Credit Score” Program in Hawaii

Stop the Bleeding Now and Recover Fast

Filing for bankruptcy is, for many people, the lowest point of their life. They have let their debt get so out of control that they had to take this option. Even worse, it makes them feel like they are going to spend the rest of their lives recovering from this.

You can rest easy because bankruptcy is not the life-ruining moment that many feel it is. It should only be on your credit report for 7 years, and when you work with us, we can make sure that within 2 years your credit score is high enough to where the bankruptcy has minimal impact on how your credit report is viewed by credit companies, banks, and car dealers.

Unlike most bankruptcy law firms who will simply file for bankruptcy protection on your behalf, we take our services many steps beyond by encompassing everything you need to get the debt behind you, end creditor harassment, and follow through with all of your creditors to ensure they have followed the law and no longer are reporting negatively or contacting you in any way, and we help you rebuild and restore your credit all the way to a 720 credit score or higher.

Stop the Bleeding Now

We take all of your creditor phone calls. That means no more harassment from mortgage lenders, credit card companies, car loan lenders, or medical bill collectors.

Did you know that they are actually required by law to stop contacting you directly if you inform them that you have a lawyer? Once you have informed a credit collector that you have legal representation, they must contact us. If they continue to contact you after you have informed them of your legal representation, they may be required to pay a fine.

We file your bankruptcy petition and handle all the legal paperwork and court appearances associated with the filing process. There is an information-gathering process where we will need to get documents from you every step of the way to be sure we have everything we need to get you a win.

Eliminate your debt without having to borrow or take out a loan. Filing for bankruptcy protection does that for you. It wipes the slate clean. You will finally get the debt behind you, so you can start fresh and get your life back.

We protect you every step of the way. Again, all credit calls come through us — that is completely off your plate.

We Can Rebuild Your Credit Score to 720 or Higher Within 2 Years

If you don’t take intentional steps to rebuild your credit, it will not improve.

The process of rebuilding your credit is more than just waiting out the 7 years until it’s off your record. You have to be willing to make changes to your life. If you go back to living the exact way you did pre-bankruptcy, you will end up in debt all over again. We don’t want to see that happen to you.

This is why we offer the “2 Years to 720 Credit Score” program. This program is intended to not only help you rebuild your credit in the short term but also put you on the path to never being in this situation again in the long term.

What is it that you may learn when you partake in our “2 Years to 720 Credit Score” program? It will include lessons on:

What is Credit?

Not enough people actually understand what their credit is. They know it’s a number that when it’s high is good and when it’s low is bad, but they don’t understand how you reach that number. They also don’t understand what industries that rely on credit are looking for. It’s far more than just paying your credit card bill on time.

How a Mortgage Can Help You Raise Your Credit

If you were ever told that you can’t receive a mortgage on a house when you have a bankruptcy on your credit report, then you should know that is incorrect. We have had clients qualify for a home while they were going through the bankruptcy court process. You should also know that when you have a mortgage, you have an incredible opportunity to repair your credit.

Large loans like mortgages and car payments can be turned into positive credit as long as you are making payments on time. As you make those payments, your credit improves. The average person in Maui likely has a car payment or a mortgage. Credit companies do not consider these debts as negatives until you begin missing payments.

Won’t My Interest Rates Be Sky High?

Yes, you will initially have to deal with some fairly high-interest rates, but thanks to our “2 Years to 720 Credit Score” program that will only be for a limited amount of time, any high-interest rates you have on a car loan or mortgage can be refinanced. The best part? When you refinance to lower your interest rate, your credit score will improve even further!

There is no hidden agenda or hidden costs. We just want you to get the debt behind you AND position yourself to never have this happen again. We don’t just want to help you get out of trouble; we want to help you get financially fit FAST! At this point, you will have already taken the first step, which is to get rid of debt. The next step is to replace old credit with new and better information. Credit reporting agencies value newer information the most.

So, we will help you establish new credit. Then, by paying your bills on time, your credit score will improve regardless of your history — but the work does not stop there. You must fill the agency with positive information and take many steps to remove inaccurate and negative information. This can be a complicated administrative nightmare that most consumers are not prepared to take on by themselves. But, you cannot trick the reporting agencies with credit repair programs. The bad stuff will eventually get back from the report if it is accurate. That is why we help you implement the strategies that allow us to offer such an impressive credit score potential because they are PROVEN to work to restore and rebuild your credit to a score of 720 or higher.