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People nowadays are in difficult financial situations due to unemployment, financial mishaps, hospital bills, or taxes they simply can’t pay. With a ruined credit, it’s hard to maintain family security.

The first step is to actively get started in the bankruptcy process. With our Hawaii lawyer, it’s easy to get on the right track. There are several steps to how to file bankruptcy that follows a set schedule:

1. Decide If Bankruptcy is the Right Decision

Before you opt for bankruptcy, make sure you’ve exhausted all other financial avenues and advice. If you’ve reached out to friends or family, and are still well over thousands of dollars in debt, bankruptcy can help.

2. Talk To a Hawaii Bankruptcy Attorney

Debt Free Hawaii knows the type of filing each client will need, so ask and we’d be happy to help. Chapter 7 in Hawaii allows you to discharge your debts without losing your house, but most of your possessions will have to be sold off. The other form is less severe but has limitations. A Debt Free Hawaii attorney can help you choose the best option.

3. Collect and Analyze Financial Records

Your Hawaii lawyer will review all of your records: financial, medical, vehicle, credit, and more. Be as detailed as possible and try to get all documentation of purchases, debts, and financial records. There is nothing to be embarrassed about; we are here to help you.

4. Explain your Situation to Creditors

Refer creditors or bill collectors to your Hawaii Attorney once you’ve retained one. Your attorney will explain to them that you have an automatic stay, and all debts will be uncollected until the case is solved. Debt Free Hawaii will leave you free from the hassle of debt collectors.

5. No More Credit Cards

You need to show the court that you mean well in your bankruptcy efforts. Do not use credit cards during your Hawaii bankruptcy. Once you’ve filed in court, using a credit card can lead to a lawsuit by creditors.

6. Attend The Creditors’ Meeting

This is where the court will go over all current debts and assets with you and any involved parties. Your Hawaii attorney will attend this meeting with you. Simply answer the questions honestly and give them all the information they request so that they can evaluate the situation properly.

7. Wait To Hear From Your Attorney

Unless a creditor challenges the proceedings, your debts will be discharged sixty days after the creditors’ meeting. At this point, you are free of the burden of debt and can begin rebuilding a healthy financial lifestyle.

If you feel you are ready to start the Bankruptcy Hawaii process, contact us today at (808) 518-4844!

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Blake Goodman received his law degree from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. in 1989 and has been exclusively practicing bankruptcy-related law in Texas, New Mexico, and Hawaii ever since. In the past, Attorney Goodman also worked as a Certified Public Accountant, receiving his license form the State of Maryland in 1988.

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