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Have your finances taken a negative turn on you? Does it feel like nothing you do can be fixed and everything is falling apart around you? Do debt collectors keep calling? Are you trying to decide if you should use your next paycheck to pay off your debts or do you use it for groceries? These are decisions you shouldn’t have to make in your life without first scheduling a proper bankruptcy consultation.

Although bankruptcy might not seem like an ideal option, in reality, it’s an opportunity to start over, wipe your debt clean, and renew your life. At Blake Goodman, PC, Attorney, we offer bankruptcy consultations for individuals throughout Hawaii so that we can look at their financial situations and decide if bankruptcy is the right option.

What to Expect at Your Bankruptcy Consultation


The first thing is just to relax, and be rest assured that we are on your side and in your corner. All we do, day in and day out, is to help people in your shoes defend against the attacks of creditors so that together we can address what they want with whatever money is, or isn’t available. Ultimately the goal is to eliminate a huge portion of your creditors, if not all of them, and allow you to achieve a New Lease on Life or a Fresh Financial Start without losing any property along the way.

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It all starts by filling out our “Contact Us” form or just giving us a phone call at (808) 518-4844 to set up a free consultation. We prefer to meet with our client’s face to face, but a phone consultation is also a welcomed option.

You’ll be meeting with one of our very capable and experienced attorneys that specialize in bankruptcy law. The meeting should take about 30 minutes, and at all our offices-Honolulu, Aiea, Kaneohe or Maui, the parking is free.

Meet with Us

To prepare for the meeting, we’ll direct you to our website and ask that you fill out the “Questionnaire” form on the home page. This will make our consultation go smoothly and prevent you from having to bring any documents to the appointment, other than maybe a few recent paystubs.

After we get to know you and your situation, we’ll make a recommendation about whether a Chapter 7, a Chapter 13, Debt Settlement, or Tax Intervention is the best route for you to take. If you decide to take our advice, then you can start your case for as little as $100 down. We will then become your attorneys, and you, our client. The best and most helpful thing about becoming your attorney is that we can immediately begin to take creditor phone calls for you, thus relieving you instantly from a lot of stress and anxiety.

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Although the consultation is free, if you do pay the $100 to get started after we meet, then you will receive a $300 discount off the total attorney fees and costs. Our attorney fees are usually a very reasonable flat fee, and you can pay those fees monthly over an installment period that will fit your budget.

That’s basically it. After we get started, we’ll walk you through the remaining steps of the process and are always here for any questions or assistance you need.

Give us a Call. You’ll be Glad you Did.

I can’t make a lot of guarantees as an attorney, and I’m not even going to guarantee you that the sun will come up tomorrow, but it probably will. I will say though that almost everyone we consult with, whether we are able to help you are not, are happy that they came and met with us. At the very least, we’ll listen to your problems, help you understand your options, and provide you with a road map towards that New Lease on Life.

Ask About Our Online Consultations

Do you need to consult with one of our expert bankruptcy lawyers in Hawaii, but you have no way of making it over to the office? If so, please consider speaking with our friendly legal professionals through an online consultation.

At Blake Goodman, PC, Attorney, we are aware that not everyone can just drop everything and come to our offices. That is why we are always seeking out new ways for our clients to get the help they need. We know that life gets busy and that it’s difficult to make time for appointments, so our online consultation appointments are just like our actual in-person consultations. We ask you the same questions, address the same concerns, and we’ll share as much information with you as we can. The only difference is we just happen to be sitting across computer screens instead of being face to face.

Benefits of Online Bankruptcy Consultations

There are many benefits to online consultations. For example, if the week of your consultation arrives and you wake up not feeling sick, then you’re already in a situation where you can’t really afford to be missing time, and rescheduling your consultation isn’t going to be easy. But with an online consultation, it doesn’t matter what is going on. You can be sick, only have time to jump on a computer to speak with us, or just want to perform the consultation from the comfort of your own home.

Whatever the reasoning for why you need an online consultation we make the option available here at Blake Goodman, PC, Attorney. When you are at a time when you need someone to speak to about your potential bankruptcy, then you will always have an option available here at our firm. We understand that not everything can be handled in person, which is why we are offering more ways to handle your bankruptcy online.

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At Blake Goodman, we have offices in not just Oahu, but on Maui as well. We strive to serve the entirety of Hawaii to our best and full ability. Our goal is to make sure the clients we serve don’t miss their opportunity to pursue debt relief. If you are in need of bankruptcy assistance in Hawaii, then please contact our legal team to discuss how we can provide the best services possible to you, no matter the location.

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Bankruptcy can be difficult to navigate, but our team is ready to help guide you. Read our frequently asked questions or reach out to us directly to schedule a free consultation for more information.