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Three Easy Ways to Pay Your Hawaii Bankruptcy Attorney

Feeling overwhelmed by debt? Struggling to keep up with your bills every month? If you’ve been thinking about hiring a lawyer for bankruptcy because you simply can’t continue to fall deeper into debt, you aren’t alone. You may be thinking, “If I can’t pay my bills, how will I ever pay for a Hawaii bankruptcy lawyer?” Fortunately, when you hire a bankruptcy attorney in Hawaii, there are three common ways to pay for his or her services that will get you out of debt without having to dig yourself into an even deeper financial hole.

A Payment Plan From Your Honolulu Bankruptcy Lawyer

While a lawyer for bankruptcy may not advertise that he accepts a long-term payment plan, you should always ask. Most of the time, a bankruptcy attorney in Hawaii will be happy to accept installment payments over several months’ time. He can prepare the paperwork, organize your debts, and file everything with the court when he accepts your final payment. Keep in mind that in many cases you won’t be paying on most of your other bills during this time, so you won’t have to pay any more money out each month than you currently do. In some cases, you’ll actually be paying less. Working with an established bankruptcy attorney in Hawaii rather than a newer firm can put your mind at ease about where your money is going. It’s unlikely that an established Honolulu bankruptcy lawyer will pocket your money without doing the appropriate work for you.

A Family or Friend Loan

It’s difficult to borrow from a friend or family member, but it can be a great option if you are willing to talk to them about your financial situation and your need for help from a Honolulu bankruptcy lawyer. Explain that by filing bankruptcy now, you will be able to discharge your mounting debts and will have funds to repay them moving forward. Be straightforward about the amount you need for the loan and put it in writing so that you both feel secure with the transaction. Borrowing against a credit card or taking out a bank loan aren’t generally options when you’re hiring a lawyer for bankruptcy since you aren’t supposed to be accumulating more debt while you’re proceeding with bankruptcy.

Your Tax Refund

If you can wait until the appropriate time of year, you may be able to use the lump sum tax refund you get from the IRS to pay for a bankruptcy attorney in Hawaii. If you find yourself anticipating your tax refund every year because you need that money to pay past due bills, paying for a Honolulu bankruptcy lawyer may be a better option. Once you’ve paid your lawyer for bankruptcy, you can look forward to investing your next tax refund instead of using it to scrape by for another year.

Why You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney In Hawaii

Many people are hesitant to pay a Honolulu bankruptcy lawyer because they just aren’t sure if a lawyer for bankruptcy is worth the price when they’re already behind on their debts. But the right lawyer for bankruptcy is an excellent investment because it’s a one-time-only expense that will wipe out much larger debts and give you a fresh start. The laws of bankruptcy are constantly in flux, with changes and amendments every year that are confusing and difficult to understand. If you file incorrectly, you may end up even deeper in debt. Make sure you consult with a Honolulu bankruptcy lawyer who can advise you on which form of bankruptcy is best for you and who can file all the appropriate paperwork. A bankruptcy attorney in Hawaii can also explain how the process works, which kind of bankruptcy is appropriate for your situation and what personal items, property, and cars you can keep even after you’ve filed. Consulting with a bankruptcy attorney in Hawaii should be your first step toward financial well-being.

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